McBreen’s on site at Electric Picnic 2018

McBreen Environmental were delighted to be back in Stradbally, Co. Laois last weekend for the 2018 Electric Picnic festival to carry out all waste management services on site. Our fleet included 15 vehicles (including 2 Tankers; 4 Arctic’s; 7 JetVacs, Mini-Vac and Van Pac Unit) . In total we had 28 Operatives onsite to carry

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No tank too small OR too big!!

Tank cleaning works we completed at a Waste Water Treatment plant in Co. Cavan. We took out the aeration pods and gave the tank a thorough cleaning for our customer. Small or far away... Neither in this case. The guys are totally overshadowed by the sheer size of the tank. If you would like any information

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Septic Tanks and Returning Rain: What You Need to Know

The return of the rainfall over the last few days can cause septic tank problems. The problem is that after a significant amount of rainfall, water seeps deep into the ground, causing the water table to elevate. If the water table rises too high, it can actually saturate your septic system’s leach field. (The leach

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McBreen’s DISAB Vacuum Truck service unit

McBreen Environmental's DISAB vacuum truck service unit DISAB vacuum is a unit that can transport bulk materials and liquids by vacuum or pressure through a hose system with a diam up to 200 mm. The unit is equipped with a separate diesel engine offering the possibility of utilizing different local fuel taxation regulation. It also makes the

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Integrity Testing

Under the banner of our CCTV department McBreen Environmental can offer an Integrity Testing service to our customers. We only use computerized Sklarz integrity testing equipment allowing us to test to EN1610 Standard.   This equipment allows: Testing of all diameter pipes using either air or water. Production of on site comprehensive reports outlining the present

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Septic Tank Cleaning in Louth, Meath & Monaghan

Nationwide Septic Tank Cleaning Over the last number of years, our services have stretched from providing our services locally (Head Office in County Cavan), to offering all of our services, both large and small on a Nationwide basis. Recently, we have had a number of Septic Tank Cleaning call outs in Counties Louth, Meath and

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Septic Tanks Do’s & Dont’s

McBreen Environmental are experts in septic tank cleaning. We have trained, knowledgeable staff who can identify the cause of problems you may be having with your Septic Tank. A well maintained septic tank system can provide years of reliable low-cost service. However, when systems fail the cost of repair can be high, not to mention

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McBreen Environmental carry out Hydrodemolition (also known as hydroblasting, or ultra high pressure water jetting) Hydrodemolition is a concrete removal technique which utilities ultra high pressure water at pressures up to 45,000 psi to remove deteriorated and sound concrete to expose reinforcement bars for repairs and or replacement. Hydrodemolition is ideal for the removal of concrete without  damage or

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