McBreen Environmental are Ireland’s leading experts in providing bund integrity testing which is a fundamental safety measure when storing any type of liquid waste. 

McBreen Environmental complete hundreds of bund integrity tests & visual bund inspections across Ireland every year with clients ranging from large scale pharmaceutical companies to small scale domestic bund tests.  Our reporting includes integrity reporting, certification for compliant bunds, detailed remedial actions where bund testing fails and reporting for onward submission to the EPA.

Regular bund testing is necessary because the purpose of a bund is to provide containment for tanks or drums in the case of a leak.  Bund integrity testing must be carried out before a new bund enters service and then assessed for integrity on a regular basis thereafter.

McBreen Environmental have our own in-house Chartered Engineer which ensures our Clients have a quick turnaround for bund integrity testing.

Types of Bund Testing carried out by McBreen Environmental:

Hydrostatic Bund Testing

In Ireland, the EPA’s preference for in-service bund integrity testing is for the hydrostatic testing method to be used, unless there are valid safety or practicality issues in which case a visual inspection must be carried out by a Chartered Engineer.

The procedure for hydrostatic bund integrity testing requires the bund to be filled with water using a jet-vac and any drop in water levels is measured over a defined period.

Where necessary McBreen Environmental can fill bunds with water prior to any inspection and dispose of wastewater afterwards. 

Full Hydrostatic Bund integrity testing is required on all new bunds before they enter service.

Visual Inspection 

Bund integrity testing by visual inspection entails the examination of the bund for cracks, holes, and other defects which may cause a loss of integrity. Examples of defects include exposed rebar, unsealed pipes passing through bund walls and unplugged shuttering bolt holes.

Where necessary McBreen Environmental can fill bunds with water and dispose of them afterwards.

Tank, Manhole & Fire Water Integrity Testing

In addition to bund integrity testing, McBreen Environmental also offer advice on Tank and Manhole integrity and firewater integrity assessments.

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