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  • InfoNet

We firmly believe in utilising the best available technology on the market to carry out field surveys and to manage and present the data to our customers. InfoNet allows us to gather, manage and present data in a cost-effective manner for our customers. We have the capability to provide them with detailed information and layouts of their networks. Our GPS mapping and constructed drawings service is increasingly in demand for taking in charge applications.

  • GIS Mapping

GIS can be used as tool in both problem solving and decision making processes, as well as for visualization of data in a spatial environment.  Geospatial data can be analyzed to determine (1) the location of features and relationships to other features, (2) where the most and/or least of some feature exists, (3) the density of features in a given space, (4) what is happening inside an area of interest (AOI), (5) what is happening nearby some feature or phenomenon, and (6) and how a specific area has changed over time (and in what way).

We can use GIS to determine what is happening or what features are located inside a specific area/region. We can determine the characteristics of “inside” by creating specific criteria to define an area of interest (AOI).