McBreen Environmental specialise in providing a comprehensive Mobile Dewatering service right across Ireland. Our Mobile Dewatering Units can provide for the dewatering of your liquid streams on-site. This therefore reduces volumes of waste requiring disposal and also your costs.

How Our Dewatering Unit Works:

For Wastewater Treatment Plants and Grease Traps, etc. our Mobile SDT Unit is the most effective.

The SDT unit loads itself by vacuum and its primary filter system can deal with debris, plastics, etc. The SDT unit then separates the solid waste from the liquid waste (dewatering) the sludge by dosing polymer with the waste which binds the sludge particles. When the filtrate has been returned to the treatment unit the SDT until then transports the filter cake to approved disposal outlets such as Composting Facilities.

The benefits of the SDT Units are that waste volumes requiring transport and disposal can be reduced by up to 80%.

Mobile Dewatering Main Features:

  • The dewatering system reduces the amount of waste. Therefore the transport and treatment of various sludge products are also reduced.
  • The dewatering system removes water from the sludge at the reception site and returns the water to the same source. This process thus retains the natural Micro-Organisms in the Treatment Plant. Therefore the plant will operate with little upset.
  • We reduce the amount of sludge transported and treated by more than 80 per cent. Furthermore, the consistency of the sludge is suitable for further treatment.
  • Can handle unscreened sludge
  • Polymer dosing on board
  • Suitable for dewatering treatment plants, septic tanks, grease traps & oil interceptors
  • Dry sludge (up to 25%) remains on the truck
  • As we use a self-loading machine with no need for pumps, we complete set-up in 10 minutes. The core of sludge dewatering is to separate solids and water.

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