McBreen Environmental place a high focus on workplace safety and with our bespoke, state of the art equipment, our workers are not exposed to the dangers posed by operations carried out in hazardous confined space environments, including refineries, pharmaceutical plants, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Our Gerotto Mini Excavator remote controlled, double tracked crawler gets the vacuum hose-end directly into dangerous and hazardous material and hard to reach places – keeping the Operator out of harms way. Ideal for confined spaces and no man entry in such environments as steel plants, refineries and mining operations, the innovative Lombrico mini excavator can be used to vacuum settled material in sewage pipelines, manifolds and tunnels.

The Lombrico is a remote controlled tractor crawler unit capable of taking vacuum hose into areas where no man should go. Applications include cleaning under live conveyors, larger pipe and culverts, mining operations, dry and wet plant cleaning operations, high temp or hazardous fume applications, tank cleaning; in fact any situation where it is difficult, dangerous or inefficient to have a human at the end of a vacuum hose. It is a double tracked ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle), powered hydraulically, and able to operate up to 240 ft [73 m] from the attached vacuum truck.

The goal of Gerotto Mini Excavators is to eliminate the human presence during cleaning operations avoiding the exposure to the dangerous material, ensuring a safe suction cleaning activity. The goal of the Gerotto Mini Excavator is to reduce labour through special machines introduction; and safe cleaning operation without the need of plant stoppage.


  • Safe Operations in Confined Spaces;
  • Labour Reduction;
  • Time Saving;
  • Operator works in safe areas at a safe distance;
  • Operating Costs Reduction;
  • No Plant Stoppage;
  • No Risks for Humans.

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