McBreen Environmental specialise in food industry Grease Trap Cleaning & Grease Trap Maintenance. Waste fats, oils and greases (FOG) from food service establishments cannot be treated in the wastewater system. Therefore we remove this grease waste and stop it entering your sewers. Regular grease trap cleaning is crucial to ensure it stays in good working order with minimum odours. This also avoids FOG’s entering your wastewater system and causing unpleasant smells and blockages.

Grease Trap Cleaning and Grease Trap Maintenance


McBreen Environmental offer excellent service contracts at very competitive rates to all Hotels, Restaurants, Golf Courses, Guest Houses and all other food service establishments that have a Grease Trap installed.
In addition to the cleaning of Grease Traps, we can also supply a dosing unit to help prevent build up of grease in your drains.

The LDS 2 dosing unit uses a proven biological process to keep drains and grease traps free flowing. This process liquefies and digests organic solids, grease, fats, oils, and proteins etc that cause blockages, backups and foul odours. It’s non-toxic and harmless to all plumbing lines and fixtures.

The process is simple. Our programmable battery powered dosing system automatically delivers the treament to the drain line leading to the grease trap. At required intervals McBreen Environmental will replenish the stock of bacteria in vthe drums, keeping the grease trap operating efficiently.

Highly trained and skilled operatives carry out all work, guaranteeing peace of mind. We also use only the latest technology, and carry out all work in accordance with the latest regulations.

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Grease Trap Cleaning and Grease Trap Maintenance Grease Trap Cleaning and Grease Trap Maintenance