5% off Desludging Services Booked in May 2024

5% off Desludging Services Booked in May 2024

Following on from todays article as featured by RTE News, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) say 45% of septic tanks failed inspections last year – EPA (rte.ie) , this article and report sheds light on the concerning state of septic tanks in Ireland. With nearly half of all septic tanks failing inspections, it’s evident that action is needed to address these issues for the well-being of both people and the environment.

Septic tanks play a crucial role in managing household wastewater for properties not connected to public sewage systems. However, when these systems fail, they can pose significant risks, including contamination of drinking water sources and pollution of surrounding areas.

Whether you’re in Cavan, Dublin, Cork, Roscommon, Waterford, Galway, or any other county in Ireland, our team is here to assist you in maintaining your septic tank.


Desludging, or the removal of accumulated sludge from septic tanks, is essential for maintaining the efficiency and functionality of your septic tank system.  Over time, solid waste builds up in the tank, reducing its capacity and increasing the likelihood of blockages and failures.

Regular desludging not only ensures proper functioning but also helps prevent environmental contamination and protects public health.


To help tackle this problem and as part of our commitment to raising awareness and promoting proactive maintenance of septic tank systems, we’re offering a special discount for domestic customers throughout the month of May. New / Repeat domestic customers will receive a 5% discount on our desludging services, helping you take the first step towards ensuring the health and longevity of your septic tank system.


Simply contact us to schedule and book in a desludging service during the month of May 2024, and mention this promo code to redeem your discount SEPTIC5. Our experienced team will handle the rest, providing efficient and professional desludging services tailored to your needs.  We can even set up a maintenance plan and remind you when your tank is due its next desludge.


  • Experienced professionals: Our team consists of skilled technicians with years of experience in septic tank maintenance.
  • Nationwide service: No matter where you are in Ireland, we’re here to serve you.
  • Ten Point Visual Health Check:  for biocycle to ensure your blowers, pumps and components are in good working order
  • Licensed Waste Facility Cert: should you receive an inspection this will detail your compliance with regulations and certified disposal of waste.
  • Competitive pricing: In addition to our May discount, we offer competitive rates for all our services.


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