Obstructions in pipelines can cause residential and industrial clients alike unnecessary expense and inconvenience. If not dealt with, obstructions in pipelines can cause damage to the pipeline like  blockages. And further treatment might be needed to resolve the problem. If dealt with in time, we can remove these obstructions with no digging or possibly no repair work needed to the pipes or drains. This is called Robotic Cutting. McBreen Environmental can remove problem obstructions in pipelines with our new state of the art Robotic Cutter.

How Robotic Cutting Works:

The cutter travels up into a section of pipework and removes any intruding lateral or rubber ring without the need for excavating the problem areas. By using this process customers are saving valuable time and valuable money. Our new state of the art IBG system allows us to repair lateral connections in relined pipes as well as cut trough obstructions. These can include roots, rock, ground, encrustations, and concrete. We also commonly use this system for trimming back intruding connections in the main sewer.

Cutting Attachment Sizes Available:

Our robotic cutter can cut from 100mm to 800mm.
• Small handle bar cutter that cuts up to 150mm
• 2 x IBG systems, and a cutter that cuts up to 450mm
• The newest system is capable of cutting from 450mm to 800mm


Localised Part Lining:

This PARTLINER system or localised repair uses a Polyester impregnated corrosion-resistant fibreglass insert. It varies in length from 400mm to 1000mm, depending on the length of deformity in the pipe. We prepare the partliner in a truck and place it on a wet out table. A self-propelled robot places the packer at the correct position in the pipe where the defect is located.

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