Rebuilding or replacing damaged or leaking manholes can be costly in terms of time, not to mention money and disruption. Manhole Relining is an extremely cost effective alternative, saving time, money and hassle. McBreen Environmental’s fully trained operatives can assess manholes for damage and line the manhole with a specialist coating. We use the MC MHP range of coatings designed specifically for sewerage systems. It can be applied using centrifugal casting head or also by hand and stops leaks. This prevents any further damage to it’s surroundings, saving you the expense of repairing any further damage. It also considerably extends the life of the manhole.

Advantages of Manhole Relining: 

  • Ideal for brick and concrete manholes
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-disruptive sealing of leaks so less mess
  • Places impermeable coating inside structure
  • Stays permanently flexible
  • Effective against high flows
  • Impermeable to water, allows diffusion of water vapour

Manhole Injection:

Leaking manholes can cause unnecessary damage to the environment and can be costly if left untreated. McBreen Environmental can assess manholes with the latest CCTV equipment and carry out the necessary works to fix the problem, which may include Manhole Injection. This is a treatment used to stop and prevent infiltration in manholes and concrete structures. We stop leaks by injecting our polyurethane resin into the structure. This also provides a structural membrane behind the chamber, preventing any further damage to its surroundings. Therefore it can save you the expense in repairing any further damage.

Advantages of Manhole Injection:

  • Polyurethane resin injection, which when in contact with water expands rapidly and stops leaks in minutes
  • Ideal for brick and also concrete structures
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Non-disruptive sealing of leaks
  • Places impermeable coating outside structure
  • Effective against high flows
  • Stays permanently flexible
  • Resists ground water pressure
  • Resistant to very severe sulphate attack and PH of 3.5

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