Our team of skilled operatives using our specialist equipment will eliminate any risk of infection room by room keeping you, your family and your staff safe. With our specialist equipment, we will eliminate any risk of infection room by room, leaving your work environment an infection-free zone.

Advantages of Decontamination & Sterilisation by Fogging:

Chemical fogging disinfection is the process in which a disinfecting aerosol is introduced to a workspace to kill bacteria, viruses, and other illness-causing germs.

  • Versatile – effective on any surface whether an office setting or a food environment.
  • Time Efficient – The fogging process ensures minimal disruption to operations typically taking from 30 minutes to several hours to complete; depending on nature and size of the room/area(s) being treated. The fog/mist can be dispersed rapidly, covering large surface areas in a short time, which is particularly beneficial for facilities working to time constraints.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – the fogging process ensures hard to reach areas such as crevices, corners are disinfected – rather than traditional cleaning methods.
  • Prior to fogging, McBreen will conduct a thorough risk assessment ensuring efficient coverage and effectiveness in disinfecting the required areas
  • Effective against airborne Pathogens – Fogging helps combat airborne pathogens by dispersing the disinfectant into the air, which can neutralise viruses, bacteria and other micro-organisms which are suspended in the air. This is very useful in setting with high numbers of indoor crowds or poorly ventilated areas.

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