At McBreen Environmental, a cornerstone of our service offering is providing nationwide collection and transportation services for bulk liquid wastes including waste tankering, wastewater tankering and sewage tankering. Equipped with a modern fleet of waste tankers and vacuum tankers we are capable of transporting any liquid waste product safely and reliably. Our commitment to responsible waste management is underscored by our dedication to environmental stewardship and stringent regulatory compliance standards.

Our vacuum trucks are available to load and transport your solids, liquids and sludges for licensed & certified waste disposal. All our vehicles are registered with the NWCPO.

In addition, we have specialised DISAB vacuum trucks available to remove contaminated soils and take care of spills. Our vehicles and equipment can also remove drilling mud, drilling cuttings and brine water.

We regularly provide nationwide waste tankering services to county councils and Uisce Eireann. However, our waste tankering service are not just limited to companies that operate in the utilities sector. Main Contractors, Hotels, Restaurants, Industrial manufacturers and even pharmaceutical companies are just some of the businesses who utilise our liquid waste removal and liquid waste transport services every day.

Alternatively if you require on site temporary storage of liquids see our info here.

Types of Waste Tankering Vehicles Available

If you require potable water tankering, or water tankering services please see our sister company  InDepth Water Tankering 

How much waste can our tankers remove/transport?

Our vehicles have capacity to Transport Liquid Waste from 4,500 litres up to 33,000 litres per vehicle/per load.

What is a liquid waste tanker?

  • A liquid waste tanker is a large aluminum or stainless-steel tanker trailer that can hold and transport bulk quantities of liquid waste.
  • Any business that produces liquid waste is responsible for the safe storage and transportation of waste. It is more efficient and cost-effective to work with a company like McBreen Environmental as we have fully trained staff, modern fleet and are licensed to transport bulk quantities of liquid waste.

Why choose McBreen Environmental?

Fully trained staff State of the art equipment & fleet

ISO accreditations 9001, 14001, 45001 Nationwide Service

  • Licensed liquid waste Collection, Transport & Certified Liquid Waste Disposal Services
  • Confined space trained

McBreen Environmental can also assist with your companies sustainability targets, as various waste streams – Permit Details (nwcpo.ie) can be treated, processed and recycled into fertiliser at our Waste Recycling Facility in Cavan. Our waste facility permit can be found at here.

Waste Tanker Case Studies

Festivals & Concerts – Nationwide – Multiple waste tankering runs over various festivals. Works involved jet vacs, artic tankers, temporary onsite waste storage tankers over varying durations. All liquid waste water removed from site to Waste Processing Facility. Also involved water tankering supply by InDepth Water Management.

Local Councils – waste from pumping station scheduled maintenance, from x litres to x litres. All sludge waste removed from pumping station to treatment planned, during planned routine maintenance.

Building Development – Scheduled 3 artic tanker loads per week over a 3 month period – during site development with over 3,000 employees – waste transported to waste treatment facility locally and Cavan.

Interceptor Cleaning – 25 Tonne of Oily Waste removed following routine Interceptor Cleaning & Maintenance. Oily Waste removed from customer site to Licensed Waste Facility in Dublin. Works involved involving confined space trained operatives, high volume jet vacuum and artic tanker.

Emergency Waste Tankering – Food Manufacturer, Burst Pipe on site in Meath, 17 tonnes of waste water removed from Customer’s premises and transported to licensed waste facility for correct disposal

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If you would like to find out more about our bulk or waste liquid transport services, please contact us today for your customised quotation on 0818 66 33 33 or email sales@mcbreen.ie. You can also send us a note on our Contact Us page.