Leaking or compromised tanks if left untreated can cause a number of environmental problems. These tanks range from wastewater treatment plants, to reservoirs to sumps in factories. McBreen Environmental have all the necessary equipment and the resources to complete these works cost efficiently. And timely Tank & Bund Relining pre-empts any leakage problems that might arise.

Service Overview:

One of the most important areas when re furbishing tanks is the preparation work. We always inspect tanks due for relining before commencing works. We inject any areas of exfiltration with our injection system to ensure these will not cause problems in the future. And we wash down all areas with a high pressure washing unit to a psi of 500 bar. A concrete mortar sprayer is then used to apply material to the walls and floors of the tank. The thickness of material that is applied will depend on the extent of the damage to the tank, which we assess prior to commencement of works.

Many different factories and local authorities have had their tanks relined by McBreen Environmental with great results.

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