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Using our epros® system with silicate resins we can repair connections directly from the main sewer – this gives a permanent seal and is WRC approved. These resin systems are used specifically for lateral connection and short repairs These resins are easy to handle, so quick to install and are known for their good mechanical properties and chemical resistance when cured. The patented two-component resin mixture is made up of a resin and hardener. McBreen Environmental operatives are fully trained in application of this system to ensure a trouble free long life span.

• Cures at ambient temperature within about 1 to 3 hours (cure times can be controlled and adjusted)
• Excellent performance both at extreme temperatures – high and low
• Very good resistance to harsh chemicals, acids and caustics (pH 1 – 13.5) after final cure
• High temperature resistance of short/CIPP liner after final cure
• No volatile organic compounds (styrene free)
• Excellent adhesion to many pipe materials like vitrified clay, plastic, steel etc. with a close frictional and positive fit to HDPE pipes
• Virtually no shrinkage (<0.6%)
• Can be used at a wide range of ambient temperatures
• Excellent performance both at extremely high and at extremely low temperatures
• Expected service life of more than 50 years as proven by 10,000-hour test
• The cured resin is self-extinguishing and can thus be used in critical areas such as airports and tunnels
• Tested by independent bodies (IKT – Gelsenkirchen, WRc UK) in compliance with international standards such as DIBt, ASTM, WIS and DIN EN

If you would like to find out more about Top Hat System, call one of the team on 1890 66 33 33 or email