Manhole Relining

Manhole Relining

McBreen Environmental pride ourselves on being experts in Manhole relining. Through years of experience we deliver a fast and professional service to Customers across Ireland.
Manholes won’t do their job effectively if they are not well maintained. That’s why rehabilitating manholes is so important.

Repairing manholes will ensure they’re sealed from water infiltration and exfiltration. It also makes the manhole corrosion resistant against chemicals and gases.

At McBreen Environmental, we understand the importance of manhole rehabilitation, which is why our technicians are fully trained in using a Hermes specialised system to tackle this issue. This system helps water tighten manholes and makes them corrosion resistant.

The M-Coating system consists of two steps cleaning followed by coating.
Firstly the manhole wall is prepped and cleaned to remove contaminants like debris then our technicians apply a highly corrosion resistant and watertight coating.
With the M-Coating system, manholes can stay reliable and safe for years to come. This system is backed by years of research and development and provides a cost-effective solution that delivers results you can trust. So when it comes to sewer infrastructure, you can trust M-Coating and McBreen Environmental to get the job done right.

Relined Manhole

Manhole Relining & Manhole Surveys - McBreen Environmental
Manhole Relining & Manhole Surveys - McBreen Environmental

Manhole Surveys

McBreen Environmental pride ourselves on being experts in Manhole surveys. Through years of experience, we deliver a professional and fast service to customers across Ireland. Our surveying crew assesses and carries out detailed internal measurements of network assets including manholes, CSOs and chambers. We carefully record information on the size and the structural condition of the cover lid, the shaft, the chamber and benching for use in network modelling. This allows us to highlight any necessary rehabilitation requirements. We can then discuss the best and most cost-effective way to carry these out.

CCTV Drain Survey Services
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Manhole Rehabilitation Surveys & Confined Space Entry:

Each member of our rehabilitation & surveying crew is an expert in Confined Space Entry. Our vehicles are equipped with the safest entry and rescue tools on the market. Which means that we can carry out even the most complicated of asset surveys or manhole relining projects efficiently and safely, ensuring your peace of mind.
We also provide detailed maps highlighting particular manhole issues that may be of interest to our clients.

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