McBreen Environmental have many years of experience in providing interceptor cleaning and maintenance services to customers across Ireland. An overflowing or poorly maintained interceptor can have a significant impact on your business and environment, if an interceptor overflows. An overflowing interceptor is potentially very dangerous not only for customers, staff but also an environmental hazard. Long term business problems could include the closure of your business to deal with an overflow. This in turn leads to lost revenue and potentially heavy legal penalties or fines and/or reputational damage as a result of an overflow.

What is an Interceptor

Fuel Separator / Interceptors are often referred to by other names, including interceptor traps, interceptor tanks, and filter tanks.
Interceptors collect rainwater, oil and other waste products which accumulate in lorry depots, schools, airports, factories, car washes, forecourts, car parks among other places. Interceptors permit only water to escape and trap all other pollutants like oils, fuels and other solid waste within the filtering system. But the accumulation of this waste can cause blockages and thus overflow, if your interceptor is not regularly maintained.
The drainage interceptor needs to be not just maintained but also serviced on a regular basis. This prevents overflow and contamination of drainage systems. The maintenance regime for a drainage interceptor will be determined by its design and size, the flow rates through it, the volume of contaminants in the wastewater (which may change over time) and external factors, such as changes in weather patterns. Our technicians can assist you with determining the frequency and putting in place a planned preventative maintenance programme for you. The frequency will depend on the factors already mentioned. The drain interceptor installer will advise on the optimum maintenance programme. We recommend servicing and emptying of interceptors every 6 months for standard installations. However, your maintenance schedule needs to be reviewed regularly.

How is an interceptor emptied and cleaned?

In most cases, interceptors/fuel separator can emptied and cleaned by using a jet vac tanker (depending on the capacity of the interceptor and the location). This jet vac is a specialist vehicle that allows the contents, including solid waste and lighter pollutants to be sucked up then taken for safe disposal to an authorised site. If your interceptor is larger a separate tanker may also be required to assist with the removal of the waste.
For more information on the importance of maintaining your interceptor please visit the EPA website

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