A walk-through survey can sometimes be called an observational survey and they are exactly what the name suggests. A walk-through survey requires a team of highly trained and experienced confined space engineers to physically enter a large sewer where they will walk through the pipework and visually assess the conditions of the sewer. It is an invaluable method of assessing the following:

• Condition of sewers
• Pipelines
• Cracks
• Corrosion
• Blockages, cross-connections, etc

McBreen Environmental are specialists in walk-through surveys in Ireland. Our fully trained confined space survey team will easily and cost-effectively assess your drains, culverts, manholes, bunds etc. Our handheld camera units can record any defects noted. A detailed report can be issued to the client.

For more information or to book a walk-through survey please do not hesitate to contact us.

Walk Through Surveys
Walk Through Surveys
Walk Through Surveys
Walk Through Surveys

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