Drains Fill Up As Leaves Fall Down


Now that the temperatures have dropped and the nights are getting longer and darker, it feels that we are fully into the Winter period. While we make changes along with the season, to wearing warmer clothes and planning ahead to Christmas, there’s another change around this time of year that we must think about and that is the health of our drains.

Over the Autumn period leaves started to fall and now that we’re in Winter, leaves along with wind can blow debris everywhere, especially into our drains. This can cause major blockages that may require professional cleaning. By taking some precautionary steps, you can help to prevent any weather-related blockages to your drains in the future. But don’t panic, if you require emergency assistance or regular maintenance service, McBreen Environmental provide drain cleaning and unblocking services.



When it comes to the most common ways for drains to get blocked, falling leaves are the top offenders. The combination of the bad weather we get so often in this country, with the fallen leaves, leads to leaves being blown into drains and gutters, blocking them from working effectively. The fallen leaves combined with wind and rain can turn leaves into mulch, preventing water from flowing properly through drains.



Taking Preventative Steps

There are some steps that can be taken to help prevent drains and gutters getting blocked.

1.Check Your Drains Regularly:

Check the condition of your drain covers and make sure they are not covered in leaves. Regularly making sure your drain covers are in good condition can help to avoid potential flooding after heavy rainfall.




2.Rake Up Fallen Leaves:

Regularly remove any fallen leaves or debris from your drain covers. Particularly after heavy wind and rain, rake up leaves to prevent blockages and to avoid them gathering in your drains.



While taking preventative steps will help to avoid minor drain problems, some bigger drain issues that are difficult to avoid will require professional attention. With McBreen Environmental, you can set up a regular drain cleaning maintenance programme. By regularly cleaning out drains, the risks of emergency drain cleaning & unblocking are greatly reduced, as problems are detected and resolved before they have a chance to become serious. We set a cost-effective maintenance programme up to suit a particular schedule or opening hours. Get in touch with us today if you would like to find out more about our drain cleaning & unblocking services, call us today on 1890 66 33 33 or email info@mcbreenenvironmental.ie.

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