Blocked Drain/ Van Pack Services

Regular cleaning and maintenance of drains in commercial buildings is essential and it is more cost effective for the business owner.

Blocked Drains in commercial buildings can have a serious effect on any Organisation. Bad odours and overflowing drains and toilets impact on Customers and Staff. McBreen Environmental provides a Nationwide comprehensive range of services to all our customers. All of our services are available 24hr a day, when you need it most. We service Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, Hospitals, Nursing homes, Golf Clubs, Factories, Universities, Schools, shops, Shopping Centres etc. McBreen Environmental have been trained to meet all Water Research Commission standards, guaranteeing the quality of our work. We understand that issues can arise at any time and can be a major disruption at home or at work. Our Jet Vac systems allow us to look after narrow access works with the same combined power as a large sized unit. this unit serves our client with Septic Tank Cleaning, Gully Cleaning, Tank and Bund Cleaning and loads more.

Main Features of our Van Packs for Drain Unblocking

High Pressure Drain Jetting Unit Capable of Cleaning 1′′ to 6′′ pipes Pushrod Drain CCTV Camera, Full Colour and Wincan V8 compatible No Dig Repair Kit for 4′′ to 9′′ pipes.Small Jet Vac Unit

Main Features of our Van Vac Trucks for Drain Unblocking

Jetting Capability from 31 gallons per minute to 95 gallons per minute Vacuum capability from 520 cfm to 4700 cfm Onboard water at all times up to 250 m of jetting hose

How can I tell if my drains are blocked?

Water not emptying or emptying slowing from your sink, Bath, or shower Toilet is black flowing Gurgling sounds from the plughole. Smell coming from your pipes.

How to avoid a blocked drain?

Do not pour grease or Oil down your sink Do not flush facial wipes. Paper towels, cat litter etc. Avoid flushing phones, brushes or food etc.

McBreen Drain Unblocking Process

When we are contacted in relation to the blockage our Engineer will take all the details of the blockage, this is to ensure that we select the correct jetting Van or Jet Vacuum Truck from our fleet for the job. In most cases High Pressure jetting will clear the blockage however in some cases it may be more difficult. In case of this scenario we also carry a CCTV Inspection camera which enables us to see and evaluate the blockage coming up with the best solution for our customer.

McBreen Staff:

Our Staff are fully trained and provide all our customers with a friendly, Professional, cost effective service at all times.

Contact Us:

If you would like to find out more about our Blocked Drain/ Van Pack Services, call us today on 0818 66 33 33 or email You can also send us a note on our Contact Us page.

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