Manhole Blockage Emergency Callout

Manhole Blockage Emergency Callout

A massive thank you to Paul from Co Meath who took the time to send us an email giving our team a glowing review. Our team responded to a manhole blockage beside his property in Co Meath. See below for the full details of Pauls email.

We are always delighted to get such great feedback!

“The houses on either side if me connect into a manhole in my front garden. On Tuesday (2023-01-24), the exit pipe was blocked. 

Over the last few days I have been in contact with Irish Water, Meath Co Co and yourselves.

The people at the coal face were yourselves. Initially Jordan and Paul and, today, JP (I think he said) who cleared the blockage.

It would be passive praise to just say they cleared the blockage. They were early, worked enthusiastically, kept me informed, friendly and most importantly, alleviated my (our) concern and made me feel they would sort out the problem.

So…..thanks. Paul Timon, Meath”

So if you experience a drain blockage call our team at McBreen Environmental on 0818 66 33 33 or visit our website to see our full range of services at

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