Percolation Problems……Solved

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A customer contacted us as they were having issues with their percolation area, their septic tank was filling up/blocking quite regularly and the percolation area was flooding/overflowing. Following a site visit, it was determined that the percolation area was no longer fit for purpose, due to an ageing drainage network and also based on usage at the property. The only option was to upgrade & replace the percolation area.

Our Civils Team arrived on site and within 3 days, had completed the works for the customer which included;

  • Machinery on site to complete digging out of site
  • Removal & disposal of damaged & old drainage network
  • Installation and upgrade of a new drainage system and percolation area
  • Backfilled the percolation area with gravel
  • Fencing & reinstatement of ground following works

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