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McBreen Environmental offer a wide range of services to the pharmaceutical industry. Our dedicated Civils team are on hand to provide expert solutions to your company.

Pipe Replacement & Reinstatement

Where we cannot offer a trenchless solution we have a dedicated civils team that are on hand for Installation of utilities such as stormwater, subsoil drainage, waterlines and sewers.

Tank Repairs

Cracks in reinforced concrete can compromise the life expectancy of concrete structure such as tanks as the reinforcement is exposed to the elements and will deteriorate leading to corrosion. McBreen Environmental can repair such cracks using a system called Structural Concrete Bonding, or Resin Injection.

The cracks are filled in entirely, rebonding the concrete, encapsulating the rebar and creating a long-term durable solution. Cracks as narrow as 0.1mm can be successfully injected using our systems.

Tank Decommissioning & Removal

McBreen Environmental are one of a few companies in Ireland who can provide for the safe cleaning, neutralisation and decommissioning of chemical, acid and alkali tanks. The difference with our company is that we operate our own fleet of specialist Tank Cleaning equipment.

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Talk To Us

To book any services from our Civils Division, contact our Regional Manager Liam Maguire on
086 7919 453 or email
You can also send us a note on our Contact Us page.

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