Overflowing Grease Trap – Hospitality Customer

Do you own or operate a restaurant, cafe, hotel or takeaway service?

McBreen Environmental specialises in Nationwide grease trap installation, cleaning and preventative maintenance services. Below is a recent emergency call out our team dealt with for a busy restaurant in Dublin city.

Grease Trap Cleaning & Maintenance

Recently a restaurant in Dublin city contacted us about an overflowing grease trap which had spilled out onto the kitchen floor, preventing the customer from opening their restaurant that evening.

Our team attended within 1 hour of the emergency call out:

The Customer was so happy with our service that our operative Ciaran was treated to a free coffee and a doughnut! 😊

Our operations team discussed and recommended the best maintenance option for the Customer going forward on her grease traps. Regular maintenance ensures that no further business interruptions will occur for this customer….we can accommodate early starts or night work – depending on which suits our customers best.

McBreen Environmental specialise in the food industry Grease Trap installation, cleaning & maintenance services.

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If you would like to discuss your Grease Trap needs or for some advice on maintenance, call us today on 0818 663333 or email sales@mcbreen.ie.

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