Septic Tank/Biocycle Top Tips


Top Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Septic Tank/Biocycle: Scrape food waste from utensils into compost waste. Don’t flush sanitary waste, cotton buds, razors, rags, cloths etc down the toilet. Don’t allow harmful chemicals, grease or cooking oil into your septic tank, these can harm the organisms that break down waste. Use biodegradable toilet […]

Septic Tanks

McBreen Environmental are experts in domestic septic tank cleaning. We have highly trained, knowledgeable staff who will professionally empty and clean your tank as well as identify the cause of problems you may be having with your septic tank system. A well-maintained septic tank system can provide years of reliable waste management. However, when systems […]

Problem with your Septic Tank?

If you are experiencing any of the following problems you may need to have you Septic Tank Cleaned. Signs that you do need a septic tank cleaning service: Septic tank effluent surfacing on your lawn Strong or bad odours coming from the septic tank or drains Pollution of nearby ditches or streams with effluent Slow […]

Meath’s No. 1 Septic Tank Cleaning Service

McBreen Environmental are Irelands No. 1 Septic Tank Cleaning Service. McBreen Environmental’s multiple nationwide depots allow us to respond to any emergency situation. Although McBreen Environmental clean and service Septic Tanks all over Ireland, we have recently increased our presence in County Meath. Our depots in neighbouring counties (Cavan and Dublin) position us in an ideal […]

5 Winter Septic Tank Problems and How to Avoid Them

During the wintertime, your septic system is under unique stress. Cold weather, snow, and holiday guests can all contribute to problems that can seriously damage your septic tank. In order to prevent these issues from occurring, you’ll need to know what the potential problems are. Here are some of the common problems that septic tanks […]

Septic Tanks and Returning Rain: What You Need to Know

The return of the rainfall over the last few days can cause septic tank problems. The problem is that after a significant amount of rainfall, water seeps deep into the ground, causing the water table to elevate. If the water table rises too high, it can actually saturate your septic system’s leach field. (The leach […]

Septic Tank Cleaning Service

McBreen Environmental are Ireland’s leading septic tank cleaning company There are many assumptions (or myths) around septic tanks. MYTH # 1 – Septic Systems last forever! FACT – The average lifetime of a septic tank is 20 years. the #1 cause of failure is a lack of regular cleaning your septic tank.   THE 7 MAIN CAUSES […]