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Integrity Testing

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Under the banner of our CCTV department McBreen Environmental can offer an Integrity Testing service to our customers. We only use computerized Sklarz integrity testing equipment allowing us to test to EN1610 Standard.   This equipment allows: Testing of all diameter pipes using either air or water. Production of on site comprehensive reports outlining the present

Septic Tank Cleaning in Louth, Meath & Monaghan

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Nationwide Septic Tank Cleaning Over the last number of years, our services have stretched from providing our services locally (Head Office in County Cavan), to offering all of our services, both large and small on a Nationwide basis. Recently, we have had a number of Septic Tank Cleaning call outs in Counties Louth, Meath and

Septic Tanks Do’s & Dont’s

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McBreen Environmental are experts in septic tank cleaning. We have trained, knowledgeable staff who can identify the cause of problems you may be having with your Septic Tank. A well maintained septic tank system can provide years of reliable low-cost service. However, when systems fail the cost of repair can be high, not to mention

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