Unveiling the KOKS Mobile Storage Tainer

McBreen Environmental's KOKS Storage Container

Unveiling the KOKS Mobile Storage Tainer - Transformed by @Melssigns for Creamfields Festival!

We’re excited to present our newly wrapped KOKS Mobile Storage Tainer, completed by the skilled team at @Melssigns! The Temporary Storage Tainer is currently stationed in the UK, at the Creamfields Festival.

With the invaluable support of some of our High Volume Jet Vacs and Tankers, our KOKS Mobile Storage Tainer is set to increase efficiency of waste management removal at the spectacular Creamfields Festival. From the moment the festival gates open, our cutting-edge equipment will be in action, ensuring the festival waste management is conducted efficiently.

Key Features:

If your business requires waste management services like those provided by the KOKS Mobile Storage Tainer, explore the comprehensive solutions offered by McBreen Environmental. Contact us at sales@mcbreen.ie to discuss how we can meet your waste management needs.

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