State of the art CCTV Drain Survey service

CCTV drain surveys are now the fastest and most efficient way to accurately assess the condition of drains and sewers. A CCTV Survey can assist you in meeting you IPPC Licence requirements.

IPPC licences aim to prevent or reduce emissions to air, water and land, reduce waste and use energy/resources efficiently. An IPPC licence is a single integrated licence which covers all emissions from the facility and its environmental management . All related operations that the licence holder carries in connection with the activity are controlled by this licence. Before a licence is granted, you must satisfy the Environmental Protection Agency that emissions from the activity do not cause a significant adverse environmental impact.

Nationwide Wash and CCTV Survey Ireland Protect your business by accurately assessing the condition of drains and sewers with a CCTV drain survey.

Common problems identified in a Drainage Network include:

Drain Blockage
This is the most common problem identified. A CCTV survey will identify the source of the problem and the remedial measures required to remove the problem.

Tree Root Infestation
Tree roots commonly find a way in through cracks and gaps into the drainage system. They then continue to grow and expand causing damage to your pipes and causing blockages. A CCTV survey report will identify the problem and the right course of remedial action.

Collapsed Sewer
This is a serious problem that will not be resolved with drain cleaning and may lead to environmental issues overtime. CCTV drain surveys identify the scale and location of the problem enabling you to quickly repair your pipeline without incurring major costs.

Damaged Pipes
The condition of the drainage network can deteriorate over time. Cracked pipes and displaced joints need to be quickly identified and repaired before they lead to more serious and costly issues.

Poorly Connected Pipes
Poorly connected pipes can lead to the ingress and egress of waste water or other processes into the ground. CCTV drain surveys will quickly identify the nature and location of your problem, allowing you to quickly solve the issue.

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