Pump Stations – FAQs

Pump Stations FAQs

McBreen Environmental are a specialist in all aspects of pump station cleaning and maintenance. Our confined space entry team uses a high-tech Combination Jetting and Vacuum truck. This enables them to enter the tank to clean and vacuum silt and debris.

All our team members have full training in accessing pump chambers and associated assets, and as with all instances of confined space entry, we produce a full risk assessment and secure a confined space permit to carry out the works. We are therefore best placed in Ireland to deal with your pump station cleaning needs.

What is the purpose of a pump station?

A sewage pumping station simply moves sewage from one location to another, either horizontally and/or uphill when gravity cannot be relied upon to do the job. Ordinarily, the sewage network relies on gravity for waste to flow from homes and businesses to the mains sewer, where this can not happen a pumping station is installed to transfer the waste from A to B.

How does a pump station work?

When low areas of land or where pipe depth underground becomes excessive, pump stations are installed. These stations pump the wastewater to a higher point so it can again flow by gravity, or the wastewater can be pumped under pressure directly to the treatment plant for processing.

Why is it important to clean a pump station?

Pumping stations should be cleaned regularly to ensure all working components do not block or fail. If a pumping station is not cleaned regularly the very heavy waste will settle on the base of the tank and eventually block the pumps from removing the waste. When the pumps are blocked all waste flowing into the pumping station then has nowhere to go and causes blockages and overflowing manholes.

What is the cost of cleaning a pump station?

Pumping station cleaning starts from €490.00 + vat plus the cost of waste disposal (Avg. €65.00 per tonne of waste)

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