Portable Sludge Screener

McBreen Environmental have Portable Sludge Screener that we use and can provide on any site.

MSU:10 uses vibrating platform screen technology. It is a portable sludge screen designed to facilitate efficient solid and liquid separation from a variety of applications including sewage sludges, storm screenings, food processing solids.

Maximum dewatering of screenings to minimise waste volumes & disposal costs. The MSU:10 is portable ensuring that transportation costs are kept to a minimum.

The MSU:10 has been designed to ensure that operating costs are kept to a minimum with power requirement of less than 40kVA required to run the unit and a low water requirement of <40m3 /hr.

Efficient solid and liquid separation with reduced waste volumes.

The MSU:10 can be used in a wide range of applications including sludge screening and solids recovery within many processes. The MSU:10 can also act as a pre-screener to remove larger debris/screenings prior to processing, or as a temporary screen during maintenance or breakdowns.

Portable Sludge Screener


Model: MSU:10
Maximum Capacity: 34 L/s at 6% DS
Wet feed: Yes
Dry feed: Optional
Weight: 4 T
Power requirement: 15 kW
Water requirement: 8.3-11 L/s
Screening area: 1.2m x 2.4m

Length: 4.39m
Width: 1.93m
Height: 2.9m

Here is a short video of the Sludge Screener being used at last years Electric Picnic festival:

To find out more about our Portable Screen, phone us today on 1890 66 33 33 or Email: info@mcbreen.ie.

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