McBreen’s on site at Dublin Zoo

Jet Vac works in the Elephant Sanctuary

McBreen Environmental have recently been conducting various drain cleaning services to Dublin Zoo. Last week two of our Jet Vac Units were on site washing down the Elephant pool and the surrounding stream.

McBreen Environmental have an entire fleet of vehicles and Jet Vac Units to suit your requirements and budget. These include Medium volume Jet Vacs, High Volume Jet Vacs and Superflex Jet Vacs. Therefore, we clean all diameter sewers and drains.

Each vehicle has a movable piston that we set to suit the conditions. Which means it carries clean water for Jetting and vacuums sludge/silt/grease at the same time. And we dispose of waste generated in licensed disposal facilities, in accordance with legislation.

Jet Vac Unit clearing out the Elephant sanctuary
Jet Vac Unit
One of our operatives clearing the drains at the Elephant Sanctuary
Drain Cleaning
McBreen Trained Operative on site at Dublin zoo
McBreen Trained Operative


Advantages of Regular Drain Cleaning:
More businesses are discovering the advantages of setting up a drain cleaning maintenance programme. We reduce the risks of emergency drain repair with regular cleaning, as problems are detected and resolved before they have a chance to become serious. We can set this cost-effective maintenance programme to suit a particular schedule or opening hours. You also have peace of mind knowing that trained professionals carry out this pre-emptive work.


If you would like to find out more about Commercial Drain Cleaning or our Commercial Drain Cleaning Maintenance Programme, call one of the team on LoCall 1890 66 33 33 or email

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