Drain Rehabilitation With a View

Drain Rehabilitation with a view

Drain Rehabilitation With a View

McBreen Environmental is a leader in the field of pipeline rehabilitation. Recently our team carried out a Drain Rehabilitation project in a very scenic location! Rehabilitation, rather than rebuilding, is better for the client, community and the environment.

There are a wide range of materials, methods and technologies available for the rehabilitation of existing structures. On this project we utilised our state of the art UV lining process on large diameter drains. We provided the client a long-lasting solution to their drainage problem coupled with a non-dig solution saving the client considerable time and money.

The UV lining process involves inserting a liner inside of the existing damaged sewer or drain. Once the liner is in place it is inflated with compressed air. Using a UV light train with an in-built camera the liner is inspected for folds or wrinkles before the UV light is applied to harden the liner. This in effect creates a pipe within a pipe restoring the structural integrity of the pipe, eliminating both external infiltration and internal exfiltration offering the security of a new pipe system.

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McBreen Environmental have the capacity, knowledge and expertise to take on any work from small to large scale inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation projects. For further information or for a comprehensive quote call us on 0818 663333 or email sales@mcbreen.ie.

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