Drain Rehabilitation Project

Drain Rehabilitation Project

McBreen Environmental are currently carrying out a large drain rehabilitation project in Blanchardstown, which will be carried out over 18 months.

McBreen Environmental Rehabilitation Works

The process for repairing pipelines involves installing an internal liner into the pipe (to improve structural integrity of pipe and to reduce likelihood of infiltration from groundwater or leakage of untreated sewage). These liners are installed using a UV lining system which cures the newly installed liner using UV light.

McBreen Environmental Drain Rehabilitation Works

These works show the complex detailed nature in which McBreen Environmental operate and always provide an end-to-end solution.

Traffic Management McBreen Environmental Drain Rehabilitation Works

If you would like to find out more about our RELINING services, call us today on 1890 66 33 33 or email info@mcbreen.ie. You can also send us a note on our Contact Us page.

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