Cork Drainage & Manhole Integrity Testing

Cork Drainage & Manhole Integrity Testing

McBreen Environmental offer a nationwide service for integrity testing of sewers and water pipes. Here are some images from our Team based in Cork who recently completed drainage and manhole integrity testing on storm & foul sewer network at a Recycling Centre.

What does integrity testing involve?

In this case, two types of testing were undertaken:

  1. Air Testing – where the lines are ‘bunged’ off and pressure tested with Air. This mainly checks for any leaks in the pipes.
  2. Hydrostatic Water Testing – involves filling the manhole, testing the water levels and recording any variances over a 30-minute duration.

Both tests are completed in line with EN1610 Standards which are in full compliance with EPA & other regulators’ guidelines.

Did you know?

Any business that holds an Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) licence has a requirement to test the sewerage network on a 3 year cycle. Testing provides assurance that the structural integrity of the drain/sewer/manholes for waste, process or storm water flows are up to the standards required. Ensuring the environment is protected by preventing any possible leakage from the network.

What happens where a line or manhole fails?

A CCTV survey is completed using the most up-to-date equipment, the CCTV footage is reviewed by trained and experienced engineers to establish why the lines have failed. The Client is provided with a detailed report and our recommendations on the most suitable rehabilitation work, whether that be localised patching/repairs, manhole or drain relining etc.

Once the lines have been rehabilitated a full re-test is completed. Testing Certificates are downloaded in a pdf form and provided to the Client for evidence of compliance with EPA audits.

McBreen Environmental Cork Integrity Testing
McBreen Environmental Cork Sklarz Unit
McBreen Environmental Air Testing Cork
McBreen Environmental Cork Hydrostatic Testing

What do McBreen Environmental Provide?

A full drainage service of networks, integrity testing, CCTV surveys, drain mapping and drain rehabilitation works – we have the experience and expertise to complete all. Contact one of our team today for a consultation on 0818 66 33 33 or mail

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