CCTV Drain Surveys

CCTV view inside drain
McBreen Environmental constantly invests in the latest CCTV technology, which makes us leaders in the field of CCTV Drain Surveys. We use WincanV8 software, presenting our customers with the highest quality of reports. All of our CCTV technicians are trained to MSCC4 Standard so are skilled to assess the structural condition and integrity of a sewer without disruption to the drainage system or the environment.  

What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

A drain survey is an inspection survey of your drainage system, using high-tech CCTV cameras which are placed into your drains at access points such as manholes and Aj,s. These drainage surveying units send a live recording back to the server unit, letting our engineers report on any issues with the drainage system from cracks, displaced joints, root intrusion or water infiltration from outside the system.  

How long does a CCTV Drain Survey take?

Depending on the size of pipe and length of the network we can carry out short 1 hr surveys up to large scale projects that may require us being on-site for a number of weeks.  

Advantages of carrying out CCTV Pipeline Investigations:

No Excavation – Cost Saving: We can carry out surveys and integrity tests from 2” to 1800mm gravity or pumped lines, saving on expensive and unnecessary excavation. ‘No-dig Technology ‘Asses & Repair: Check for structural damage and propose remedial work if necessary using our no-dig technology. We can produce drawings of your drainage network in Autocad format if required for future use (IPPC) licences require regularly integrity testing, which gives you peace of mind knowing you are conforming to legislation Our CCTV investigations identify problems before they become serious, saving you unnecessary further expense in the future.

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