Attenuation Tank Cleaning

Attenuation Tank Cleaning

Here are some images of McBreen Environmental completing Attenuation Tank Cleaning works in Co.Wicklow.

Stormwater attenuation tanks are used to control flooding and prevent pollutants from entering our waterways. Climate change continues to drive more extreme weather with storms and flooding becoming more of the norm. This means that storm tanks are filling more regularly with the potential to cause potential long-term damage to buildings and infrastructure if they are not properly maintained.

McBreen Environmental are experts in keeping your attenuation tanks performing at peak efficiency.


While it would be ideal if you could leave your stormwater tank to take care of itself, that sadly isn’t the case. Some level of maintenance is required, although it is easy enough to manage! For example, regular maintenance carried out on a monthly basis would include:

  • Visual inspection of manhole covers
  • Checking for any silt build-up
  • Inspecting inlets, outlets, and any control structures

Any remedial maintenance as and when required, which can be caused due to natural damage can be carried out by McBreen Environmental to keep your tank performing at peak efficiency – this includes:

  • Erosion repairs
  • Inlet/outlet repair
  • Removal of silt build-up

McBreen Environmental are trained and experienced in confined space works – with over 16 years’ of experience in the maintenance of underground structures. As long as your soakaway installation has an inspection access point suitable for human entry, there should be no problem in inspecting and maintaining your system.

A drain camera will be used to record the condition of the soakaway/attenuation crate system post-maintenance. Maintenance results will depend on installation and the product installed. A report will be issued to you promptly once the attenuation tank cleaning and maintenance works have been completed.

Local Authorities have laid down strict guidelines for developers, who wish to construct new projects on existing non-developed land. Stormwater cannot be discharged openly into the existing drainage network. All developments of scale have to contain their stormwater on-site and release it to the drainage network, at a controlled rate. Attenuation Storage Tanks have been installed underground to collect this stormwater on development sites where space is limited.

So if you’re an attenuation tank owner, give us a call or drop us an email. We will provide you with helpful, accurate information on how best to complete your attenuation tank cleaning!

Email: or call our experts on 0818 66 33 33

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