5 Things You Should Know About Grease Traps

Here are 5 Things you should know about Your Grease Trap and Grease Trap Cleaning

  1. Grease traps are devices used in plumbing of restaurant kitchens to collect Fats Oils & Grease also referred to as FOG from waste water.
  2. Grease traps prevent costly sewer blockages caused by FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease)
  3. Grease traps solidifies the oil that it traps so that Grease can be removed from the top of the trap
  4. Grease traps are an essential piece of equipment in food service establishments
  5. Grease traps must be maintained and cleaned regularly by a Licenced Contractor such as McBreen Environmental for it to be efficient.

Grease Trap Diagram

Visit our Grease Trap Page for more on this service https://www.mcbreenenvironmental.ie/grease-trap-maintenance/

For more information on grease trap regulations visit the EPA website


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