McBreen Environmental welcome the Celebrity Eclipse to Dublin Port

McBreen Environmental carry out Waste Removal for Celebrity Cruises

McBreen Environmental were on site at the purpose built newly developed section of Dublin Port to welcome the Celebrity Eclipse from Celebrity Cruises and carry out waste removal works.

Celebrity Cruises will bring 2,850 guests into the city each time a sailing starts from Dublin Port. In total, over 14,000 people will start their cruise holiday from Dublin on Celebrity Eclipse in 2018.

Dublin Port Company’s multi-million-euro investment programme to futureproof the port has already delivered the first of new berths to accommodate customer investments in new vessels and routes. Based on Dublin Port’s Masterplan, the company is investing €132m this year alone to ensure the timely delivery of new infrastructure and additional capacity, while capital investment of €1 billion is planned over the next decade.

On Monday 30 April 2018, guests boarded Celebrity Eclipse to enjoy the inaugural sailing and first cruise of the season based from the port, a 10-night Ireland and Iceland cruise.

Boasting a real grass lawn on the top deck and 19 bars and restaurants, Celebrity Eclipse is twice the length of the pitch at Croke Park at 317m long and features more than five-times the number of rooms as the Shelbourne Hotel.

The ship’s arrival received a warm welcome in Dublin, with dancers and musicians greeting guests disembarking from the transatlantic cruise that departed Miami on 15 April 2018. Guests enjoyed an overnight stay in the city on-board the ship before ending their cruise.

Expected to bring a business-boom to the city, each turnaround of the ship in Dublin will generate over an estimated €1 million in knock-on economic benefits. Celebrity Eclipse will begin five cruises in Dublin Port including sailings to Iceland and a Norwegian Fjords itinerary.

McBreen Jet Vac Unit carrying out waste removal works at Dublin Port
McBreen Jet Vac Unit carrying out waste removal works at Dublin Port

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