Wash & CCTV Surveys

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IPPC Licenced Facility

McBreen Environmental CCTV Operatives carrying out EPA regulated testing at an IPPC licenced facility. Our Wash & CCTV Surveys can identify any defects located within pipelines.

With state of the art CCTV equipped vans we are able to inspect long distances of drains and pipe work to assess or find and identify faults or drain blockage.

Wash and CCTV Survey specialists Fleet Wash and CCTV Survey specialists Fleet. Wash and CCTV Survey specialists Fleet.

Before an IPPC (Integrated Pollution Prevention Control) license is granted or renewed by the Environmental Protection Agency they must be satisfied that emissions from a facility do not cause a significant adverse environmental impact. A Drain Study is carried out to ensure that the facility is compliant with any relevant quality standard for waters, trade effluent and sewage effluent.

Diagnose your drainage problem.

Where drain blockages are found we can clear them quickly and effectively.

If pipe work shows to be faulty or deteriorated then we can patch or reline the pipe work

DVD of your pipes and drains for you or to pass onto assessors or insurance companies etc.

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September, 2018


IPPC Licenced Facility




Wash & CCTV Surveys