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Surveying at Strandhill, Sligo

McBreen Environmental recently carried out works at a Water Treatment Plant in the west of Ireland. A Team of 8 men were on site on the coast at Strandhill Sligo to carry out Wash & CCTV Surveying.

These works required a digger at the shoreline to carry a specialised piece of equipment (see below). The nearest fresh water supply was 500 meters away, inside the grounds of Sligo Airport, where the McBreen Environmental Recycler was located to redirect the flow of fresh water.

CCTV Drain Survey – Wash and CCTV

To add to the complicated nature of the works, a rare endangered snail inhabited the areas directly surrounding the Water Treatment plant, which required careful planning and execution of works.

The following video gives a good indication to the size of the project:

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CCTV Drain Survey at Strand Hill Sligo

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April, 2019






Wash & CCTV Survey