McBreen Environmental offer expert localised part lining repair services to customers nationwide. In some cases where there is only a small section of deformed pipe that needs repair it is more cost effective to use a part liner rather than reline the entire pipeline. McBreen Environmental install a part liner with a resin known as Konodour OMPM.

Localised Part Lining Overview:

This PARTLINER system or localised repair uses a Polyester impregnated corrosion resistant fibreglass insert. It varies in length from 400mm to 1000mm, depending on the length of deformity in the pipe. We prepare the partliner in a truck and place it on a wet out table. A self propelled robot places the packer at the correct position in the pipe where the defect is located.

The Curing Process:

Once in position the packer is inflates to the correct pressure dependant on the pipe size, which is usually 0.3m bar. Once the proper pressure has been reached the part liner is left to cure. Curing of the GRP mat impregnated with Polyester Resin will commence and is completed in  approximately 1 to 2 hours. When the patch is cured the packer is deflated and taken out of the pipeline.

A variety of Applications:

We carry out Localised Repairs on pipe sizes ranging from 100mm to 1200mm, therefore it is very adaptable to the job in hand. The Epoxy component achieves superior sealing on wet surfaces. We have installed these on many different factories that have all different types of chemicals entering their lines. This extends the life of the pipe without the need for replacement, and eliminates the expense of digging or relining the entire pipeline.

Advantages of Part Liner Repairs:

  • Installation can be from one access point, minimising the need for digging and the unnecessary disruption associated with it.
  • We repair all defects types in most pipe materials using this method. So we correct fractures, cracks, infiltration and other defects quickly and simply.
  • The advantage of the resin we use is that it can resist temperatures up to 80 degrees and also can resist most chemicals that enter lines.

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