McBreen Environmental are specialists in bulk waste removal and storage tank cleaning. We provide bulk removal services that are safe, reliable and cost- effective. They are also in full compliance with all regulations. Our vacuum trucks are available to load and transport your solids, liquids, sludge or slurry for long-term disposal. These specialty vehicles remove contaminated soils and take care of spills. They also remove drilling mud, drilling cuttings and brine water.

McBreen Environmental’s Jet Vac Unit (Jetting and vacuum truck)

McBreen Environmental offers a fleet of 12 Jet-Vac tanker units. These units combine traditional jetting and vacuuming capabilities into a single vehicle. This flexible work unit is further enhanced by a wide range of configuration options.

Three sets of pneumatically locking bolts and a moveable piston divide the combined jetting and vacuum sections. This therefore allows multiple configurations to the 10,000-litre holding tank. So that we can tailor our service our customers’ specific needs.

McBreen Environmental’s Tankers

McBreen Jet Vac UnitMcBreen Jet Vac UnitMcBreen Jet Vac UnitMcBreen Jet Vac Unit

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